About Stop Abuse

Violence and abuse are reaching alarming proportions in South Africa. The time has come to think differently about the cause of these behaviours. That's why we have taken a united their stance against abuse. Early in 2019, we embarked on a ground-breaking national campaign that highlights the fact that 'abuse is abuse' - no matter whom or what it is directed at.

Research shows us that there is a direct link between environmental, human and animal abuse. One affects the other and may even predict certain behaviours. For example, the same personality type who engages in animal abuse is also likely to abuse a person or the environment.

We share the belief that the environment, children and animals are three of the most precious things in our society and systemic to working to resolve the greater problem of abuse. Respecting one means respecting all of them. Through the 'Abuse is Abuse' campaign they are spreading this message across South Africa.

We believe the time has come for all South Africans to become strong guardians of the environment and the vulnerable in society. Join them in their quest to raise awareness of the fact that all forms of abuse are wrong, and should be acted upon.