Environmental Abuse

Over the last few decades, our human footprint on the environment has become increasingly devastating. Climate change, an increase in greenhouse gases, a depletion of natural resources, mounting waste dumps and chemically polluted air and water are just some of the tell-tale signs of the disrespect shown by many industries and individuals towards the environment.

We abuse the environment in many ways: factories pumping toxic gasses into the air and waste into waterways; unsustainable industry practices that deplete natural resources without replacing anything in return; individuals wasting natural resources through ignorance or indifference; a waste-generating, energy-dependent lifestyle that is adding to growing landfill sites and carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The list is endless.

To fight environmental deterioration and abuse, we should all consider what we take from or deposit into the environment. We should ask ourselves what are the effects. How can I adapt my actions to support, rather than disturb the balances in nature? How can I conserve rather than deplete Earth's natural resources?

Common Environmental Issues

  • Human overpopulation — Biocapacity climate change

  • Carrying capacity
    I = PAT
    Land degradation
    Land reclamation
    Optimum population
    Overshoot (population)
    Population density
    Population dynamics
    Population growth
    Projections of population growth
    Total fertility rate
    Water conflict
    Water scarcity
  • Hydrology — Environmental impacts of reservoirs

  • Tile drainage
    Hydrology (agriculture)
  • Intensive farming — Agricultural subsidy

  • Environmental effects of meat production
    Intensive animal farming
    Intensive crop farming
    Nutrient pollution
    Pesticide drift
    Slash and burn
    Tile drainage
  • Land use — Built environment

  • Desertification
    Habitat fragmentation
    Habitat destruction
    Land degradation
    Land pollution
    Lawn-environmental concerns
    Trail ethics
    Urban heat island
    Urban sprawl
  • Natural disasters
  • Nuclear issues — Nuclear fallout

  • Nuclear meltdown
    Nuclear power
    Nuclear weapons
    Nuclear and radiation accidents
    Nuclear safety
    High-level radioactive waste management
  • Ocean trash
  • Water Pollution