Recovery Direct Stop Abuse Partnership

Recovery Direct believes in the power of ideas to create positive change. We have discovered that there are many people around the world who share that belief - people who, guided by conscience and a desire to help others, have applied their talent to create thought-provoking concepts, enlightening those around them.

Abuse is a small word. But it is one that has enormous potential. It is a word that has come to describe so many of the ominous behaviours that are plaguing our society and our planet - threatening their very existence.

Left unchecked, abuse mutates and migrates, setting in motion an awful, seemingly unstoppable cycle - from substance abuse to child and woman abuse, to environmental abuse.

Recovery Direct's campaign appealed to the international community projects to explore the connections between the various forms of abuse, and design campaigns on behalf of any organisation that seeks to counteract the many formats of societal abuse that exist.

Current stop abuse projects exist in Recovery Direct, United Kingdom, South Africa, Netherlands and via the online training platform.

The intent is to start dealing with abuse across the board starting with the immediate issues surrounding systemic substance abuse and working into the many families and social programmes to promote a culture of understanding, care and healing.